Cynthia "Msprity" Gooding is a nurturer by nature and a nurse by training with over 20 years experience. In 2006 she decided to start her company Msprity Enterprises, LLC to help others learn how to nurture themselves. Believing that self preservation is key to a quality lifestyle, her company focuses on lifestyle enhancement. The names acronym standing for, Mission Statement Personal Right to be In To You, achieves this through products, events and services. 

Her initial venture was her skincare company Msprity Spa Luxuries which recently won Baltimore's Best for Beauty and Personal Care. You can shop her all natural vegan skin care line on the web at msprityspaluxuries.com and in her retail space Fashion Spa House

Her second business venture was the wellness studio, Serenity Wellness Studio. This venture furthered zest for wellness through self preservation. Classes, workshops and wellness services help to connect people to the concept of self care. Full details can be found at www.serenitywellnessstudiomd.com

Throughout her expansion, Msprity's products grew and more retail space was needed. She then founded Fashion Spa House, a retail space located next door to the wellness studio, where guests can enjoy the best of both worlds. Eyelash, eyebrow and mini make overs are the the beauty concepts in the retail space while guests can also shop the vegan skincare line and the ever popular Glamtees that provoke positive self love messaging in a fashionable way.

Throughout all the lifestyle enhancement ventures, she has remained a motivation for others through her business model, business performance and public speaking. 

Her latest venture, which is truly a personal one, is singing. She has been performing since the age of 8 and has recently decided to pursue her singing career.

Through it all Msprity has remained focused on enhancing lives, one business venture at a time.

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