The Functionality Expert

Having managed 7 businesses simultaneously, Cynthia Gooding knows a lot about efficiency and function. Most of her experience has been linked to her keen sense of streamlining, quality and productivity. Always being tapped to make things work "better". Along the way, she has learned to incorporate technology in these processes. Always the teacher, she simplifies the ever changing climate of consumerism to help people very effectively deliver their products and service using several successful business models.

Most entrepreneurs are optimistic, energetic and dedicated to their dreams. They are artistic and creative at the very base of their being. It's the business part of the business that can either diminish dreams or dismantle businesses all together. This is where The Functionality Expert is most beneficial. Helping new entrepreneurs get started right, and taking established businesses to their most highest functioning level.

Individual and Group classes available.

From wantapreneur to entrepreneur session 60 minutes $99

How to Monetize your Talent $97 for 45 mins-Best suited for visual and performing artist
Groups of 5 or more $67 120mins

How to Monetize and Market using Square $197


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